Couples & Individual Therapist




Individual Therapy

I encourage people to consider the fit of the therapist. Not every therapist is right for every person. When you are talking to the therapist on the phone, pay attention to how you feel as you talk with him/her. Do you feel some sort of connection – even if you are also feeling uncomfortable, scared and awkward? Does the therapist have the training and the experience to help you with your particular concern?

Couples Therapy

It can be very scary, unsettling and discouraging to feel the need for couples therapy. Many of my clients are first time therapy clients – people who would never have imagined that they would walk into any therapist’s office, much less a couples therapist. They often say that they are wanting a neutral third party, someone who isn’t family or friend, to help them sort out their difficulties. They are looking for someone who won’t take sides, who won’t blame or shame either of them as they work through their struggles. I would add that you would want someone more than neutral – someone who will hold each person as important, valued, in need of being heard. Someone who has worked with many couples who are facing the same types of struggles that you are facing. A therapist who has the training, the experience and the empathy to know how to help you out of your struggle. A therapist who each of you like and each of you feel liked by.


If you are interested in finding out of if I might be a good fit for you as either an individual or couples therapist, please call or email me. We can set up a fifteen minute phone consultation where we can discuss the possibility of doing therapy together. We will talk briefly about the concern you will be bringing to therapy and look at other factors such as availability that will help determine if a first session feels right. If it does, then we will schedule that appointment.
Lisa Lutz Therapy, PLLC

Lisa Lutz Therapy, PLLC